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When You Miss Your Very First Payment

When you miss your first payment it could be for a few reasons. If any of these apply to you, please contact Customer Service ASAP.

Maybe you don’t know who PEAC Solutions is, because you don’t recognize us as your financing agent. Because you were expecting an invoice or bill from the company you bought your equipment or product from!

Or, maybe you don’t agree with the fees on your first bill — fees you may not have been aware of (i.e., documentation fee, interim rent or advanced rental, etc.) and you want more information about before you make your payment.

The most common reasons you might not make your first payment with us:

  • “I never received an invoice.”
  • “I thought I was on auto ACH (or autopay)”
  • “I haven’t received my equipment yet”
  • “My equipment is not working”
  • “I don’t have PEAC Solutions’ tax ID, and without that I can’t add PEAC Solutions to my accounts payable”

After the first late payment, we send mail and email reminders, along with a change of address form to help you get started with us on the right foot. We also include a W-9 to help you set us up in your accounts payable system as a vendor.

Still need help?

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