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Online Bill Pay

You can pay your bill online at Customer Connect using your checking/savings account.
To pay your bill online:

1. Log in to Customer Connect
2. Click on the Pay Bill button
3. Click on the Make a Payment option
4. Follow the online instructions to add, edit or delete your online payment options

Topics to Cover:

  • How to set up autopay
    • To set up the Autopay feature:
      1. Log in to Customer Connect
      2. Click on View/Pay Bill
      3. Click Configure Autopay
  • How do I disable autopay and/or scheduled payments?
    • Please note that if you are disabling the Autopay feature, all scheduled payments must be canceled manually. Payments that are not manually canceled will be processed.
      To cancel scheduled payments:
      1. Log in to Customer Connect
      2. Select Bill Pay
      3. Cancel all scheduled payments under the Payment History tab.
  • Why isn’t my payment being processed through the portal or autopay?
    • If you’re a new customer just starting a lease with us, your payment may not be processing because:
      1. Unable to get into the site to register
      2. You turned on autopay & it takes 30 days to enable/next billing cycle
      3. Your bank may not authorize payment. We require a letter from your bank to remove from Frisk Decline list
      4. You assume the account is set up on auto
      5. The maximum threshold is less than the amount invoiced
      6. The account was set up on PC after the invoice printed
      7. Incorrect bank info entered, therefore returns
      8. Check not received. Lost in mail
    • If you’re an existing customer and you have an issue with your payment not processing:
      1. Incorrect banking information submitted
      2. Insufficient funds
      3. Bank accounts changed and you have not updated it
      4. The maximum threshold (not required) does not cover amount invoiced
      5. When additional accounts are added & the threshold has not been increased
      6. Did not receive invoice
  • Update address
    • (Please include link to change of address form)
    • Please refer to “Invoices” on the Account Summary page.
    • Update the back portion of the invoice with your change & email to [email protected]
    • Please be advised that you can update your name, contact phone #, email, security questions & password changes under the “Profile “ tab.

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