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electronic service center

We value your business and patience as we continue to navigate these unprecedented times and provide you with solutions.

To assist you in managing your PEAC Solutions account, we are now offering this Electronic Service Center to help PEAC Solutions customers identify the fastest ways to complete requests online or by phone. Our Electronic Service Center will assist PEAC Solutions customers in receiving the quickest assistance outside of a Lease Services Customer Connect account.

Thank you for your continued support. We appreciate your patience as we weather these events together and work to accommodate all requests.


the fastest way to manage your PEAC Solutions account is online or by phone

To manage your PEAC Solutions account online, you must be a registered Lease Services Customer Connect user.

Already registered with Lease Services?


Need to register for Lease Services?

Please contact our Customer Service at 1 (888) 236-2409


Make sure you have this information within reach BEFORE you get started:

  • Your PEAC Solutions Customer Account Number*

  • The Business Zip Code you provided on your financing application

  • Your Federal Tax ID Number — but only the last 4 digits

*The middle 7 digits of your Contract Number. For example, the Customer Account Number for Contract Number 001-1234567-001 would be 1234567.


how to manage your account by phone

Dial our automated service line at 1 (888) 236-2409.

How to prepare and what to expect

  • You must have your 13-digit Contract Number or Invoice Number ready to proceed.
  • Pay close attention to the voice prompts, which will help walk you through each step.
  • You'll hear the greeting, "Thank you for calling Lease Services.” Don't worry, you've called the correct number!

Voice prompts walk you through each step

  • “Press 1 to enter your 13-digit contract number”
  • “Press 2 to enter your invoice number”
  • “Press 0 to speak to a representative”*
  • *Press 1 or 2 then enter the appropriate number. Do not press 0 or you will exit the automated system.

Select the option that provides the information you're looking for

  • Press 1 for questions about payments and charges
  • Press 2 to pay your bill using check by phone
  • Press 3 to request buyout or payoff information, or to obtain a copy of a contract or invoice
  • Press 4 for information on where to submit payments or to update your billing address
  • Press 5 for insurance questions

how to make a payment

Pay with check by phone:

  • Dial 1-888-236-2409.
  • To use your Contract Number to access the system: Press 1 OR press 2 to provide your Invoice Number
  • After selecting option 1 or 2, use your dial pad to enter the appropriate number.
  • Listen for the voice prompt then press 2 to “Pay your bill using check by phone.”
  • Follow the voice prompts to make your payment.

Make your payment online with Lease Services

  • Log into Lease Services and follow the instructions to make an ACH payment from your business banking account.


Send your payment via U.S. mail

  • Simply mail your payment to our Payment Processing Center:

    Marlin Leasing Corporation
    P.O. Box 13604
    Philadelphia, PA 19101
  • Although this is not the quickest way to make a payment, we understand some customers may prefer to send payments via U.S. mail.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do if I have questions regarding my account?

Visit our online Help Center to search for your inquiry. Or email [email protected] with your question, contract number, and contact information, and a PEAC Solutions Representative will reach out to you within 2-3 business days. You may also call our Customer Care line, or use this Electronic Service Center to decide how to self-serve and quickly obtain the answers you’re looking for.

I want to purchase new equipment. How can I finance it through PEAC Solutions?

I currently have a Contract Deferral with PEAC Solutions and I have questions. Who do I contact?

Email: [email protected] and state your concern or question. Our COVID-19 Service Response Team will respond. COVID-19-related account questions should be sent to this email for the timeliest response.

Thank you for being a PEAC Solutions customer! We look forward to assisting you now and in the future.