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  • How do I update my billing email address for Customer Connect notifications?

    To update your billing email address for Customer Connect notifications. *All the following steps must be completed for changes to take effect. 1. Log into your Customer Connect account 2. Click Profile 3. Go to Billing information 4. Click Here to Make Changes 5. Enter new email address 6. Click Save Billing Information Changes 7. […]

  • Contract Payment

    This is the regular monthly/quarterly/annual payment amount, according to your contract.

  • Interim Rent

    Interim rent is a partial payment that covers the time period between the day we verify you’ve received your equipment and the first payment due date. It’s noted in the first paragraph of your agreement, which reads “We may charge you a partial payment to cover the time period between delivery and the first payment […]

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  • Late Charge

    If we receive your payment after the due date on the invoice, you may be assessed a late charge. The amount is calculated as a percentage of the invoice amount past due, less taxes, or may be a flat charge, depending on the terms of the contract you signed. You will receive a one-time waiver […]

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  • One-time Documentation Fee

    PEAC Solutions does not charge an application fee. We may charge a fee to compensate us for processing the documents and reimburse us for the fees incurred with filing UCC-1 financing statements. When applicable by law, taxes may be applied to this fee.

  • Property Tax

    Many local jurisdictions assess an annual tax on tangible personal property. The lessor, as owner of the equipment, pays this tax to the appropriate taxing authority. (Our lease rate does not include this tax.) We pass this tax on to you on an annual basis. Again, these taxes change periodically and are not included in […]

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  • Returned Check Fee / NSF Charge

    If your payment is returned from your bank for any reason, we may charge you a fee.

  • Sales/Use Tax

    In most states and some local jurisdictions, we are required to collect sales/use tax on each monthly lease payment. Since the lease payment was calculated in advance and tax rates can change periodically, this amount is billed separately. In certain states, the full amount of tax is due at the inception of the lease. In […]

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  • Request Paperwork

    The fastest way to access your documentation is to log in to your Customer Connect account and view it there. You may also contact our customer service team, but it may take up to 72 hours to receive a response. Login to Customer Connect to request or view a copy of your: Buyout Cover Letter […]

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  • What do I need to apply?

    PEAC Solutions’ online application is a simple application. You can apply in less than five minutes. For companies in business for fewer than five years: it is encouraged you provide the owner’s name and social security number for credit review.

  • What are your rates?

    The rate you get approved for is subject to a combination of factors, including but not limited to: your business credit. how long you’ve been in business. your personal credit. how much you’re looking to borrow, and for how long.  We have access to some of the most competitive rates available. We will do our […]

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  • What's next once I'm approved for a Working Capital Loan?

    Once you are approved for Equipment Financing, the dealer is paid and you will receive the equipment. You are the owner of the equipment you are financing, and PEAC Solutions will have a security interest in the equipment. You will have options to upgrade your purchase when the time comes.

  • When can I apply for additional Working Capital Loan funds?

    You can apply for additional funds or renew your Working Capital Loan once you are 50% through with your term payments. Contact [email protected] for more information.

  • The Benefits of Signing Up for Customer Connect

    As a PEAC Solutions customer, you can manage your account online 24 hours a day with Customer Connect. Signing up for Customer Connect can streamline and organize your experience with us. Once you register, simply log in to quickly view recurring payment schedules, your due date, last payment received and current balance whenever you […]

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  • Why does my account lock each month?

    Your account can become locked for different reasons: You entered your password (3 times) incorrectly, not consecutively Forget your password or User ID Forget your Security Question Answers You haven’t logged in for over 60-90 days You use a different device (Eg. laptop, phone, desktop) If you forgot your password, follow the link below to reset […]

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  • Trying to register online but site says my information is wrong

    There are a few reasons the site will say your information is wrong: We have incorrect Fed Tax ID # (either provided incorrectly or submitted internally incorrectly) You used the incorrect zip code (have to use original zip code provided) You didn’t click on “Register using my lease info.” Rather you clicked on “using my […]

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  • ACH Payment Issues

    For your convenience, PEAC Solutions accepts ACH Payments online or over the phone. There are times, however, when customers may experience issues such as: The amount of the ACH payment withdrawn does not cover all your accounts. If your company has multiple contracts with us, but those contracts aren’t on the same invoice, ACH won’t […]

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  • Customer Connect not showing my payment just made

    Log in to your Customer Connect account then confirm if you have set up a threshold/amount withdraw in autopay settings, whether or not the threshold entered is enough to cover the amount invoiced and that you manually paid the current invoice at the time of set up for autopay.

  • Mailing Address Updates & FAQs

    Use the Change of Address Form to inform us of any billing address or equipment location updates. Download Change of Address Form Email: [email protected] Fax: (856) 813-2777  How to update account receivable address Complete the Change of Address Form and send it to us via fax or email, along with proof of change, […]

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  • How to Read My Invoice

    For an in-depth explanation of your invoice, click here. If you have a question or a dispute about your invoice call Customer Service at (888) 236-2409. Representatives are available from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM EST, Monday through Friday.

  • How do I obtain my most recent invoice?

    How do I obtain my most recent invoice? To view your last invoice:  Log in to Customer Connect Click on View/Pay Bill Click on Invoices

  • Waiting on an invoice?

    Haven’t received an invoice from us? Make sure we are set up in your accounts payable system. We can provide you with a W-9.

  • Why is my account still showing past due when it is set up on autopay?

    First, log in to your Customer Connect account. Then, confirm if you have set up a threshold/amount withdraw in autopay settings, whether or not the threshold entered is enough to cover the amount invoiced, and that you manually paid the current invoice at the time of set up for autopay.

  • Get a Buyout Quote

    You can currently request a buyout quote via Customer Connect. See Find or Request Documents for more information.

  • Having Equipment Issues?

    Sorry to hear you are having an issue. Please reach out to the dealer directly for any equipment issues.

  • Insurance Requirements & FAQs

    What is the Financed Equipment Insurance Requirement? Your contract may require you have insurance that protects the equipment against all risks of loss. There are two options available to you: Option 1 You can cover the equipment under an existing commercial policy. If you are required to have your equipment insured, you will receive a […]

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  • Timeline of a Past Due Account

    Day 1: you accrue a late fee Days 5-7: you receive letter and email, and you may receive a fax reminder if we have a fax # on file for you Days 5-28: you may receive emails and phone calls regarding the amount due Day 31: Collections efforts escalate and you are now two months […]

  • When You Miss Your Very First Payment

    When you miss your first payment it could be for a few reasons. If any of these apply to you, please contact Customer Service ASAP. Maybe you don’t know who PEAC Solutions is, because you don’t recognize us as your financing agent. Because you were expecting an invoice or bill from the company you bought your […]

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  • Why am I in collections before my first bill?

    If you find yourself in collections before you even get started with us, please contact us immediately and we’ll do all we can to resolve the issue. Most often, accounts go to collections before the first bill due to: An unpaid Advanced Rental. Insufficient funds: when we processed your initial payment it didn’t clear your […]

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  • What is the end of term process?

    The end of term process is for customers who lease equipment through PEAC Solutions. Upon receiving the proper written notice from you based on the agreement terms, we will reach out 30 days prior to the term date to provide either a buyout or the information to proceed with the Return Process. This letter […]

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  • What is a letter of intent?

    Your Letter of Intent is the first step in the End of Term process. As per your contract terms, by the date specified in your agreement, you must provide proper written notice (a Letter of Intent) to end the lease. If we don’t receive your Letter of Intent by the date specified in your agreement, […]

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  • What is an end of term letter?

    Once we receive your Letter of Intent, we respond with End of Term Letter and Form. The End of Term letter is what we send to PEAC Solutions’ leasing customers as the next to last step in their end-of-term process. We use this letter to verify information about the equipment prior to providing you […]

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  • How do I return the equipment?

    After receiving your Letter of Intent, and your completed End of Term Form, we’ll review your account prior to the end date to make sure your account is current. We use the End of Term Form to verify information so that we can provide instructions on how to return your equipment to us. The equipment […]

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  • Why do I have to pay for damages?

    The equipment is to be returned in good working order per the terms of the agreement. The equipment is tested by the receiving warehouse. If determined anything is missing or not working, you may be subject to refurbishment costs.

  • Why am I still being charged for a paid off lease or loan?

    Once we issue the Return Shipping Instructions, we advise in writing you may ignore the automatically generated invoices. Invoices still go out monthly. In the event the equipment is not returned, you will be required to pay those invoices. Once the equipment is returned the account will be closed and invoices will stop.

  • Why do I have a payoff/balance due?

    You may have a balance due depending upon when you’re billed, receipt of your payment and any other open fees such as late charges and property tax.

  • If PEAC Solutions owns the equipment, why does the lessee have to pay property taxes?

    Under the terms of the lease agreement, the lessee agreed to reimburse PEAC Solutions for any such taxes paid on the leased equipment.

  • Why is the lessee billed for property taxes when the lessee did not own the equipment for a full year?

    Each taxing jurisdiction has a different lien date or fiscal start date for the year. There are 4 different lien dates used by jurisdictions: January 1st, April 1st, July 1st and October 1st. PEAC Solutions is required to report leased equipment owned on the jurisdiction’s lien date to the taxing authorities. The full tax for […]

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  • Why is there sales tax on property tax?

    Under the terms of the lease, a lessee is reimbursing PEAC Solutions for property taxes paid on the lessee’s behalf. Many states consider this reimbursement as a taxable gross receipt for sales tax purposes. In these instances, PEAC Solutions is required to collect and remit sales tax on this taxable gross receipt.

  • What is a tax true-up?

    A true-up is when PEAC Solutions reconciles the estimated taxes paid by the lessee to the actual tax billed by the tax jurisdiction. If the lessee overpaid the taxes, they will receive a credit, via check. If the lessee underpaid, PEAC Solutions will invoice the difference. This is standard practice with leasing companies.

  • Why is the lessee billed or refunded for a property tax true-up?

    The property tax true-up is the reconciliation of actual property taxes paid by PEAC Solutions on the leased equipment against the tax estimate the lessee was billed by PEAC Solutions for a given tax year. Most state and local jurisdictions’ in the United States have laws that require PEAC Solutions to report leased personal property […]

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  • Who is the legal owner of my leased equipment, and who pays business personal property taxes on it?

    PEAC Solutions, as the owner of the leased equipment, is required to report all leased equipment, even if the equipment is leased by lessees in the government, church or non-profit sectors. Since PEAC Solutions is not a tax-exempt entity and is the owner of the equipment, the lessee’s tax exemption does not pass to PEAC […]

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  • Why does PEAC Solutions charge taxes when other leasing companies do not? 

    Other companies do charge their customers taxes usually by building the cost into the lease factor rate. PEAC Solutions does not build property taxes into its lease rates. Instead, PEAC Solutions breaks out the taxes as a separate line item on the lease invoice so that the lease payment is easier to understand.

  • Can PEAC Solutions fax or mail me a copy of the actual tax bill?

    The property tax bill PEAC Solutions receives contains information on all leased equipment in a given jurisdiction as opposed to a bill for each piece of equipment or for each lease. To preserve the confidentiality of our lessees, PEAC Solutions cannot send you a copy of the actual tax bill, however, PEAC Solutions can send […]

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  • How does PEAC Solutions calculate the tax estimate?

    PEAC Solutions uses tax software that is used by many leasing companies to compute the tax estimate. The software takes the contract’s assessed (depreciated) value and then multiplies that value by the tax jurisdictions’ previous year’s tax rate. If PEAC Solutions has an actual tax assessment on file for the equipment, the rate used is […]

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  • Why is the lessee billed taxes on a lease?

    Each jurisdiction that collects personal property taxes, taxes the owner of the equipment. PEAC Solutions is the legal owner of the equipment under the lease agreement. Under the terms of the lease agreement, the lessee agreed to reimburse PEAC Solutions for any such taxes paid on the leased equipment.

  • Why was I charged sales tax even with an exemption certificate?

    PEAC Solutions, as the owner of the leased equipment, is required to report all leased equipment, even if the equipment is leased by lessees in the government, church or non-profit sectors. Since PEAC Solutions is not a tax-exempt entity and is the owner of the equipment, the lessee’s tax exemption does not pass to PEAC […]

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  • Where can I get an interest statement for YE tax reporting (year-end balance)?

  • W-9 Request

    Need a W-9 In the process of financing your new equipment, you may need a PEAC Solutions W-9 form for tax purposes or to add to your accounts payable system. Download a W-9 (PDF) at this link.

  • Tax Exempt Status

    For Loans If your organization is tax exempt, and you are making your equipment purchase with an EFA or IPA, please inform your dealer’s sales representative and provide your tax documentation at point of sale. They will work with us directly to make sure your tax-exempt status is reflected in your financing agreement.  For Leases […]

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  • How can I change my ACH account on file for my Working Capital Loan?

    Due to the nature of the Working Capital Loan product, an ACH change is subject to our credit approval process. Please send us a voided check and bank statement for the account you’d like to change to so that our credit team can approve your request. Contact us at [email protected] for more information.

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  • How can I confirm once my Working Capital Loan is paid in full?

    Simply contact us by phone or email, or log in to Customer Connect, to request your Zero Balance letter.

  • Can I get a payoff quote for my Working Capital Loan?

    Yes, simply contact us by phone or email, or log in to Customer Connect, to request your payoff quote.

  • How do I contact the Working Capital Loan team?

    You can reach our team via email at [email protected].

  • Manage Your Account Online with Customer Connect

    Register* or log in to Customer Connect today for a convenient way to manage your account with us online. Register or Log In *To register, you must provide your federal tax id #.

  • Understanding Your Invoice

    We want your invoice to be easy for you to understand. Below you will find some of the terms on your invoice and their definition, as well as frequently asked questions about our invoices.

  • Collections FAQs

    Understanding the Collections Process Things happen, and we understand that. When your business is having financial stress, and you're legitimately trying to work it out, we're here to work with you. Communication is the key. Whether it's a phone call or email, let us know what's going on and we'll do what we can[...]

  • Key Steps To Completely Close Out Your Contract

    Equipment Financing There is no end of financing agreement process needed. You now own your equipment outright, so congratulations! If you wish, you may request a Paid-in-Full Letter via PEAC Connect. Working Capital Loan Refer to your final Working Capital payment for more information. Equipment Lease At the end of your equipment lease, you will[...]

  • Tax Forms & FAQs

  • Working Capital Loan Payment and Account Information

    Our working capital loan product differs from our other solutions because it's a completely paperless process, at every step. In most instances, your amortization schedule or a payoff quote request will provide the answers you need to manage your account. When is my last payment due? Refer to your amortization schedule. What is my[...]

  • What are these charges on my invoice?

    Here are definitions for charges you may possibly see on your invoice.

  • Apply for Additional Financing

    PEAC Solutions provides equipment financing for a broad range of industries. We will work with you and create financing solutions to cater to the distinct needs of your business. Give us a call at (888) 318-6756 or simply apply online. You can also contact the PEAC Solutions account representative you last worked with -[...]

  • Payment Options & FAQs

    PEAC Solutions offers you many flexible ways to make payments on your lease and loan contracts. You can make one-time or recurring payments in the following ways: Online via PEAC Connect By telephone: 1-888-236-2409 By email: [email protected] By mail: PO Box 13604, Philadelphia, PA 19101-3604 To Pay Online You can pay your bill online[...]

  • Payment FAQs

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