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Payment Options & FAQs

PEAC Solutions offers you many flexible ways to make payments on your lease and loan contracts. You can make one-time or recurring payments in the following ways:

To Pay Online

You can pay your bill online at PEAC Connect using your checking/savings account.
To pay your bill online:

  1. Log in to PEAC Connect at peacportal.com
  2. Once the registration process is completed click on the View Pay Bill button
  3. Click on Payment Accounts & follow the online instructions to add, edit, or delete your online payment options
  4. Click on the Make a Payment option

Set Up Autopay

1. Log in to PEAC Connect
2. Click on View/Pay Bill
3. Click Configure Autopay

Note: Payments are scheduled to pull up to three days prior to due date. Your Autopay payment processing takes effect with your next billing cycle. If you have not paid your current balance yet, please be sure to make your payment before the due date.

Disable Autopay

Please note that if you are disabling the Autopay feature, all scheduled payments must be canceled manually. Payments that are not manually canceled will be processed.

  1. Log in to PEAC Connect
  2. Select Bill Pay
  3. Click "Configure Autopay" to disable this feature.
  4. Cancel all scheduled payments under the Payment History tab.

To Mail Your Payment

Please note that if mailing your payment, allow extra days for postal delivery. All payments regardless of method, that are received by 11:59 pm (EST) on your due date will be considered on-time. Payments received after 11:59 pm (EST) on your due date will be considered late and may incur a late fee.

Please do not send cash or stapled checks to the invoice portion. All checks should be received with skirts/stubs included. Non-conforming payments could result in delayed application of your payment to your accounts.

If you choose to mail you payment into us, please be sure to:

1. Use the envelope provided
2. Include the upper portion of your invoice with your payment
3. Include only one check for the total amount due
4. Write your contract number in the check’s memo field

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