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Why did I receive an invoice from PEAC Solutions?

PEAC Solutions's Role as a Financing Partner
Congratulations on your new equipment purchase!

We are PEAC Solutions, a trusted brand and financing partner of the vendor who sold you your equipment. Maybe you didn’t realize it, but we’ve been there since the beginning. When you applied for financing, your application came to us. Though you may not have noticed it, and the sales professional you worked with may not have clearly explained it, the contract you signed when you purchased your equipment was between you and PEAC Solutions.

Manufacturers, dealers, and retailers are usually in the business of manufacturing and/or selling equipment to you — not providing you with the actual funds you need for a transaction. That's where we come in. PEAC Solutions partners with companies who depend on relationships with banks and lenders like us to make sure their small business customers, like you, have options. So when cash purchases don't work for your budget, strategy or situation, they can help you by connecting you with our financing solutions. Because they've established a relationship with us, you can apply to PEAC Solutions to make your purchase, and when you're approved, we finance the deal. They get paid, and you get your equipment. In the process, we can all meet our business goals.

Now that you're a PEAC Solutions customer, our customer service team is available when you need assistance with your account. And our sales team is here anytime you're ready to finance again — with any manufacturer, vendor or retailer — whenever you need to make another purchase or grow your business.

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