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ACH Payment Issues

For your convenience, PEAC Solutions accepts ACH Payments online or over the phone. There are times, however, when customers may experience issues such as:

The amount of the ACH payment withdrawn does not cover all your accounts.

If your company has multiple contracts with us, but those contracts aren’t on the same invoice, ACH won’t pull for the full sum amount due across your contracts. Please contact your customer service rep to resolve this invoicing issue. Also, if you set up autopay with a threshold limiting the amount of the transaction, our system won’t pull for a total amount due higher than the threshold. In this case, simply login to Customer Connect and increase or remove the threshold.

The autopay you set up pulled from your banking account a day or more earlier than your due date.

Our autopay systems pulls up to three days in advance of your scheduled due date. We expect this issue to be resolved in 2020. However, if you want to be able to use autopay without the fear of your payment coming out too early: talk to your customer service rep. In some cases, we are able to change the due date so that you’re better prepared to deal with the possibility of an early debit from your bank account.

Online payments are restricted to either past due or total due online.

You can’t pay an amount different from your past due or total amount due in Customer Connect. If you want to pay a different amount than what is listed on your account status, please contact our customer service team. We can accept any amount via phone call.

Your account is still showing as past due while set on autopay.

First, log in to your Customer Connect account. Then, confirm if you have set up a threshold/amount withdraw in autopay settings, whether or not the threshold entered is enough to cover the amount invoiced, and that you manually paid the current invoice at the time of set up for autopay.

You need to update your banking account info.

Update Your Banking Account Information on Customer Connect

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