Staff Writer

Think for a moment about the company you rely on for customer financing solutions. Is the relationship simply transactional? Or do you have a finance business partner that’s committed to your success? The difference affects not only you but also the customers that want to buy your equipment. When all your finance partner provides is a quoting tool, your customers might not see a solution that fits their needs, causing you to miss out on sales.

Not sure whether your customer financing company is a true partner? From our perspective, you deserve more. At PEAC Solutions, we strive to be more than another third-party vendor. Our goal is to help you stimulate sales and hit your conversion targets. We know how to offer financing to your customers that exceeds all expectations.

As your finance partner, PEAC Solutions:

1. Takes an interest in your business and how it operates.

Our motto is simple: When you win, we win. Our team wants to know as much as possible about your business, so we can help you grow and scale. The more we understand, the better we can tweak our offerings to attract your best customers. For instance, we can change payment structures to make buying your products more affordable for small business buyers.

2. Can offer promotions to stimulate sales.

Throughout the year, we deliver exciting customer financing promotions that are geared to fit your audience’s needs. That way, your sales and accounting team members can introduce shoppers to PEAC Solutions and encourage them to apply and get preapproved in minutes. Let’s get your customers even closer to saying “yes.”

3. Provides marketing materials to your sales team.

In our quest to be one of the leading financing companies for small business customers, we constantly create marketing materials for you to use. Why spend time educating your buyers when you have access to our online partner toolkit? We have a variety of tools and information to help you answer common customer financing questions.

4. Strategizes with your sales team on transactions.

You have a sales game plan. As your finance partner, we are eager to learn how we can fit into your processes. Some of our partners like us to play a bigger role than others, though. At the end of the day, we give you as much assistance as you need to seamlessly move prospects through your sales funnel.

5. Can differentiate your business through low finance rates.

Nothing pleases a buyer more than hearing about low financing interest rates. PEAC Solutions’ rates could be the differentiator you’ve been missing. Armed with our impressive rates, you can show customers that you’re more flexible than your toughest competitors and their cookie-cutter financing options.

Reconsidering the company you chose for customer financing solutions? Try making PEAC Solutions your finance business partner. We’re ready to help you succeed, so contact a representative today.