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The finance partner you choose makes all the difference. After all, your small business customers see your finance business partner as an extension of your offerings. If they don’t feel like they’re getting what they need, they’ll move on to one of your competitors.

But how do you know if you need a new finance partner? Some of the signs can be subtle, while others are more obvious. For instance, your sales numbers may drop for no reason, or you might encounter a buyer who says your customer financing solutions aren’t helpful. These instances indicate that you may need a more flexible finance partner.

Another sign that it may be time to find a different customer financing partner is that not many customers are choosing to finance your equipment. In today’s market, small businesses will shop around for the best terms and most flexible finance products they can get. Your choice in finance partners may be driving customers away, even if they prefer your products.

How to Choose the Right Business Partner and Close More Deals

So, is it time for you to switch finance partners? The provider you choose should understand your needs and those of your top customers. At PEAC Solutions, we want to help you close more deals and ensure your customers get the equipment, machinery, or technology they need for continued growth.

Here are two key differentiators that make PEAC Solutions one of the best financing companies for small business customers:

1. Our low finance rates allow customers to hold onto their hard-earned capital.

Why do small businesses like to see our rates? We do our best to keep them competitively low. This combats one of the biggest objections you encounter during the sales process: cost.

Our low finance rates let your customers hold onto their money while you still close deals. They also allow you to talk optimistically with prospective buyers. It’s not hard to imagine customers’ relief when they realize they don’t need to exhaust their credit lines or savings to get what they need.

2. A deferred payment option means that payments start only after the equipment has been installed.

When you offer financing to customers, your solutions need to be flexible. With PEAC Solutions, customers can enjoy a deferred payment option. If they qualify, customers won’t pay anything until after the equipment has been installed, which means it can help cover its own costs.

In the business world, deferred payments can be hard to come by. Many financial partners will insist on getting a first and last payment at the time of contract execution. Plenty of small business owners will be scared off by that type of arrangement. They’re more likely to be compelled by a finance offer that makes sense for their situation.

Interested in learning more about PEAC Solutions’ innovative customer financing solutions? Read more about our equipment financing programs, then contact a PEAC Solutions representative for more information.