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Business is back, and companies are wasting no time in making up for lost time. Case in point: At PEAC Solutions, we’re back to pre-pandemic underwriting guidelines and service levels. In fact, we’ve gone digital with tools that speed up how often teams can move products and sign contracts.

We are still available for one-on-one conversations. After all, people-based relationships are at the heart of what we do as a financial industry leader. But we know that our proprietary digital tools will help partner organizations offer faster, more efficient options to their customers than ever before.

Take same-day funding, for example. Our partners appreciate being able to move prospects through their sales funnels with less friction and more satisfaction. This sets them apart from their competition and ensures that they have a trustworthy avenue to get paid quickly.

Help Clients Discover How to Get Approved for Financing — FA$T

If you’re ready to start bringing finance-related value-added resources to all your relationships, consider leveraging PEAC Solutions’ partner tools. Our three-step process allows your strongest clients to get approved so they can purchase your equipment and products in record time.

Step 1: Have customers apply for financing through Fa$tTrak™

The Fa$tTrak system is a digital platform that can take an application from submission to funding in one day. How does the process work? As soon as your prospect submits a request, it goes right into our credit queue. It’s a simple, streamlined way to transfer information securely. Plus, Fa$tTrak allows you and your prospective client to track the application as it moves through different stages.

Most people are amazed at how reliable the Fa$tTrak experience is. Plus, we don’t ask for any unnecessary information. In about one to three minutes, your prospect can finish our paperless application. And typically within one to three hours, you’ll know whether the deal is good to go.

Step 2: Expect lightning-fa$t decisions

There’s a reason we call our process Fa$tTrak: It really is quick. Forget about making your clients wait. They can learn how much funding they can receive in a short time. Again, this works in your favor because your prospect won’t be left wondering what to do. As soon as the approval comes in, you can get in touch, send a DocuSign package, and get the order or pre-order placed.

Our goal is to remove hiccups experienced during the traditional financing process. When you can keep things going, you can sell with more reliability and confidence. Typically, preapproval comes within about two hours. That’s a game changer.

Step 3: Get your customer’s order in the pipeline

Want to quickly bring a deal over the finish line? It’s possible when you partner with PEAC Solutions. As part of our pledge of helping small businesses succeed, we’ve shortened turnaround times to help you get paid. As soon as your prospect gets approved, we’ll work on getting the money to you or, if the equipment is back-ordered, to your designated manufacturer.

Best of all, your customer won’t feel any pinches along the way. Plus, your customer won’t be tempted to find their own financing, which can open the door for them to end up at a competitor’s doorstep. Instead, you (or your distributor) get paid, and no one has to wait months for money to move from account to account.

Helping Small Businesses Grow, One Partnership at a Time

The year 2020 wasn’t kind to many businesses, but the economic future is looking brighter with each passing month. Whether you want to recoup lost revenue from the last few quarters, or you’re planning to scale and disrupt, we’d be happy to help make your sales process more dependable and successful.

Call PEAC Solutions today to arrange a complimentary business review to see how our digital tools can help you optimize your selling efforts.