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How many times have you had customers ghost you because they couldn’t afford the full price tag at the time of sale?

The reality is that it’s simply not always possible to have the cash on hand to make major investments — but that shouldn’t stand in the way of a business growing and thriving.

At PEAC Solutions, our representatives work with small businesses — your customers — so that they can make major purchases for necessary equipment, machinery, and technology. We want to help you make more sales, and we want to ensure your customers get the equipment they need to for continued operations, growth, and scaling efforts.

With an equipment financing partnership through PEAC Solutions, your customer will work with PEAC Solutions to complete your sale with an affordable payment option. By spreading out the payments over time, the purchase becomes much more realistic and affordable for your customers.

Easily Adopt Financing Into Your Sales Process

A lot of business owners think that offering equipment financing to their customers is a complicated and cumbersome process. They assume it will be a burden instead of an asset. Perhaps they had poor experiences with equipment financing companies in the past, or they might think that their sales staff would have to become experts in small business equipment financing in order to offer it. But offering equipment financing options can be simple, easy, and beneficial to your bottom line.

Think of PEAC Solutions as an extension of your sales team. We’re experts in small business equipment financing so your salespeople can continue to be experts at selling your products.

The process is simple — by design! If your customers might need equipment financing to complete a purchase with you, you can introduce them to PEAC Solutions.

They can apply and get approved within minutes.

If you partner with PEAC Solutions, we work with you, your financial team, and/or your accounting team to make it straightforward with your records, your invoicing process, and your overall sales process.

Your customers get their equipment, and you get paid fast. We’ll handle the administrative activities that don’t generate dollars for you, such as arranging financial agreements, monitoring balances, and ensuring payments.

That means you can let your team do what it does best: sell.

If you are interested in partnering with PEAC Solutions to offer financing options to your customers, read more about our equipment financing programs . You can also call or email a Peac Solutions representative today for more information.