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Deals may have been in short supply during the pandemic, but businesses that stewarded their resources throughout 2020 are now primed and ready to purchase much-needed equipment, technology, machinery, and software again. This is good for them and their customers, sure, but it’s also great for manufacturers and dealers.

The only hitch is that plenty of buyers are still struggling with post-COVID cash crunches. Consequently, they may be unable to pay out-of-pocket for the items they need. That’s where PEAC Solutions’ capital solutions can be a huge advantage.

When dealers can offer PEAC Solutions’ safe, straightforward financing options to their customers, everyone benefits: Dealers are able to meet their sales goals. Buyers can increase their output. Local economies can recover after a year of uncertainty. Best of all, everything happens quickly because each of PEAC Solutions’ four financing tools is digitally based.

If you’ve never partnered with a financial institution to provide clients with a value-added resource to obtain financing approval, you should know about our capabilities. Each tool we provide can transform the frequency with which your team moves products and signs contracts.


One of the biggest obstacles to getting clients to apply for equipment financing is the application itself. That’s where fa$tTrak comes into play. This mobile, user-friendly portal allows your customers to submit an application directly to PEAC Solutions’ credit department with a unique link that you provide to them. Their request immediately heads to our credit queue for approval.

With such rapid responses, buyers automatically know how much equipment they can afford to purchase. Make no mistake: Buyers like having the power to apply for financing quickly or be pre-screened for any type of loan. Many of our partners like to fill out the application with customers as a way to improve the interactions during the sales process. In fact, some vendors rely on fa$tTrak as their primary quoting system and link to the application in their email signatures or use our “Apply Now” button on corporate landing pages.

PEAC Portal

For dealers that have multiple contracts they want to manage, PEAC Portal serves as a one-stop clearinghouse for all of your portfolio information. For example, you can pull portfolio reports from every customer you have who is working with us for financing. Imagine being able to see at a glance which buyers have two months remaining on their contracts. You could easily get in touch with them to talk about future orders. One of our vendors even uses PEAC Portal to print weekly reports, which he uses to inform his company’s sales team.

Being able to see all your financial dealings at once makes spotting trends simpler. You can also manage your application pipeline seamlessly without resorting to paper copies or having customer information scattered in multiple files. Another upshot to PEAC Portal is that it avoids the need to have to call your PEAC Solutions’ representative. After all, you can find almost all the data you need just by using the portal.

What’s Up With My Deal?

Some of PEAC Solutions’ best-received equipment financing tool ideas come from our partner vendors and fall under the umbrella of our People Powering Technology approach. As an example, one dealer used to call us to ask, “What’s up with my deal?” We liked his phrasing so much that we developed a real-time application status link. Every time you initiate an application with a customer, you receive a unique link that allows you to track the transaction status. The link requires no password information yet still enables you to see what’s up with your deal on the spot.

As long as your deal is active in PEAC Solutions’ system, you can use your one-of-a-kind link. There’s no need to call our offices to inquire about a status update from the team. You have all the transparency you need in your hands. See every credit decision, the documents flowing in and out, how much has been funded, and much more. Get power back into your hands so you can wow your prospects and clients.

Online Partner Toolkit

Do you or your sales team repeatedly explain financing choices to customers? Why not automate the experience and help your buyers educate themselves? The PEAC Solutions Online Partner Toolkit is a centralized online repository of marketing materials, an IRS Section 179 deduction calendar, and other collateral. Simply refer your prospective clients to the site and then follow up later to answer in-depth questions.

You may also want to train your sales professionals using the Online Partner Toolkit. The more familiar your personnel become with PEAC Solutions’ equipment financing, the better they’ll be able to sell. As an added note, they can use the Online Partner Toolkit site to get updated quotes.

The world is back in business in a big way. Make sure you have all the financing tools you need to overcome prospect objections and wow current customers looking for upgrades. Don’t delay! Look into PEAC Solutions’ capital solutions and set up a complimentary business review tailored to the needs of your sales goals.