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Financing Timeline

Life of a Financing Agreement Timeline

  • You select your equipment (if applicable*) and desired financing solution.
  • The application is either completed online or in special cases, phoned or faxed.
  •  A credit analyst receives your application for a decision: Approve, Decline, or Pending More Information.

If accepted:

  • A PEAC Solutions rep is notified of acceptance and notifies you and the vendor.
  • Documentation is prepared and sent to you.
  • The vendor delivers or installs equipment or software – OR if you applied for a working capital loan, you receive your funds!
  • You accept the equipment and sign a PEAC Solutions D&A
  • You return the documentation to PEAC Solutions for verification
  • Credit contacts you to verify receipt of equipment and billing information
  • A payment check is sent to the vendor
  • Completed documentation is sent to our Booking department, which enters all data and sets up billing
  • First invoice is generated

After the deal is complete:

  • Register and login to Customer Connect to conveniently manage your accounts online
  • Visit our online Help Center 24 hours a day when you need answers
  • Customer Service assists you with billing and account issues that can’t be resolved via Help Center or Customer Connect
  • Working Capital Loan customers have the option to renew their loans once halfway (50%) through their payment term.
  • If needed, Collections will contact you regarding payment obligations
  • Appropriate End of Term process applies. Equipment financing customers can also opt to upgrade their equipment.

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