Company Release

We’re proud to share that our own CMO, Aswin Rajappa, has accepted an invitation to join the Advisory Board for the Design Thinking Program @ Rutgers. He’ll collaborate with Rutgers faculty and fellow Design Thinking leaders in developing the program and furthering its goal of linking business and academia and share his experience with Design Thinking through participation in board meetings, Expert Panels and, contributing to the Leadership Blog.

The Design Thinking program is designed for individuals and teams who influence customers at their firm and are empowered to drive new initiatives within their respective organizations. Throughout the Design Thinking experience, executives learn to employ a set of methods and understand human behavior in order to generate deep insights, articulate needs and desires, develop design solutions, and finally critique and test their solutions.

Aswin is a digital enthusiast, focusing on digital transformation, digital customer experience, and data-driven digital marketing. He has over 15 years of experience leading teams at both large organizations and start-ups to develop new lending products, redesigning customer experiences and building digital marketing capabilities.

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