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The U.S. wouldn’t be the same without its small businesses. Currently, small businesses account for 99.9% of national companies, and more entrepreneurs take the plunge every day. Is it any wonder, then, that we’ve made Small Business Saturday a holiday in and of itself?

Small Business Saturday is celebrated the Saturday after Thanksgiving. It’s a prime opportunity for shoppers to support local small businesses and snag great Small Business Saturday deals. If you’re the owner of one (or more) small businesses, you don’t want to let this holiday pass by.

However, you can’t assume that customers who are shopping local for the holidays will automatically pop in. You need to actively encourage people to support Small Business Saturday with a visit to your location. Here’s how to attract customers on Small Business Saturday:


  1. Offer generous, once-a-year sales.

People like to support their favorite small businesses and save money. Help customers do both by offering an exclusive Small Business Saturday sale. Limited-time sales can be irresistible to bargain shoppers trying to complete their holiday shopping. Just make sure that your sale is sweet enough to draw them in.

  1. Promote the holiday via your social media pages.

Your company likely has at least one social media page. In the weeks leading up to Small Business Saturday, start discussing the event. Get some hype going by talking about the deals you’ll have, the giveaways you’ll offer, or the activities your team is preparing for the big day. The more you engage customers, the higher the likelihood you’ll see them on Small Business Saturday. Remember to schedule posts for the day of to keep the momentum going.

  1. Provide several ways for customers to buy your products or services.

Sometimes it isn’t feasible for customers to use one type of payment or visit your store on an exact day. Try offering alternative payment methods (such as PayPal) and a buy online, pick up in-store option. BOPIS increased in popularity during the pandemic, and the shopping approach has stuck around because it’s convenient. So, if you can sell online through your website or social pages, think about offering BOPIS.

  1. Collaborate with your neighbors.

Is your small business within walking distance of a few others? Get together and create a special event like a scavenger hunt or multistore discount. The goal is to get people who want to shop local for the holidays to visit all your storefronts. Even if you just create flyers that talk about nearby small businesses, you’ll be helping other owners get more support on Small Business Saturday.

  1. Hold an in-person or online workshop.

Are you in an industry where hosting an online or in-person workshop for Small Business Saturday could make sense? Try to build excitement for what you do by educating interested people. For example, if you sell clothing, you could hold a seminar on the newest fashion trends. If you’re in the food business, you could host a class where everyone makes a holiday treat. Get creative: These types of events are great for encouraging more business.


PEAC Solutions Is Here to Support You on Small Business Saturday

At PEAC Solutions, we believe in helping dreamers become small business owners. That’s why we offer a number of loans for startups and existing businesses. Whether you need cash or equipment, we’re happy to provide you with a variety of financing solutions.

No matter how you decide to highlight your small business during this year’s Small Business Saturday, we’re here to cheer you on. Don’t be afraid to tag us with a picture of your decorated storefront or a post about your great idea to bring in more customers. And if you’re looking for funding designed with small businesses in mind, please contact one of our representatives.