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You may have unlimited aspirations for your company, but your liquid financial resources may not be limitless. One way to scale up without depleting your cash reserves is by considering leasing for your office equipment.

Leasing, or financing, is a practical way to preserve cash flow and keep your business competitive in the marketplace. This doesn’t mean that you have to lease every computer, digital kiosk, or machine. Sometimes, it’s more helpful to buy assets outright. However, you should consider the benefits of leasing equipment vs. buying when trying to make the wisest decisions based on your operations, goals, and financial standing.

To start, you’ll want to look at each piece of equipment’s overall investment cost. Buying equipment gives you an instant asset but can cause an immediate cash strain. In contrast, leasing can help spread out the same equipment cost over time. Though you’ll have to make monthly payments, you won’t have to dip deeply into your cash right away. On the other hand, you won’t own your leased equipment when financed as a fair market value lease, so you will not get depreciation benefits.

Sometimes, you might choose to purchase and hold ownership of your assets. Other times, financing may be a wiser and more financially sound fit.


Leasing vs. Buying Office Equipment: Determining Which Solution Meets Your Objectives

There are a few quick ways to decide if buying or financing equipment assets will put you on the path to succeeding based on your current and future goals.

Typically, buying equipment is a better fit if you have enough cash reserves to not just cover the equipment cost but end up with a healthy surplus. Purchasing equipment may also make sense if you want to own equipment.

Why lease equipment? Many corporate leaders opt to lease equipment when they want to avoid operational delays and quickly gain access to modern technology without putting any financial stress on the business.

For instance, you may have recently been given the chance to bid on a sizable project that requires specialized equipment to complete. Financing enables you to retain access to your capital and bring the equipment into your workplace — fast.


Choosing the Equipment You Want to Finance

Do you like the idea of tapping into the intrinsic financial power of leasing some of your office equipment? Below are some tips to help you figure out how to finance business equipment while taking your team from today into tomorrow.

1. Conduct an equipment gap analysis.
Are your employees working with outdated technical systems? Do you want to size up your operations but have clunky equipment? Spend time identifying which equipment you lack. Be sure to talk to your team leads as you conduct your due diligence. They’ll be able to tell you exactly what equipment could benefit their departments.

2. Pinpoint antiquated equipment.

Any equipment can become obsolete in a short amount of time. If you have equipment that barely works or keeps breaking down, consider financing a replacement. Though your workers may be able to make temporary fixes, they won’t be able to do their jobs quickly or effectively without better equipment.

3. Talk to your financial leaders.

Once you know your equipment gaps and needs, bring your financial personnel into the discussion. Talk about which equipment to invest in now, as well as whether you might be able to enjoy tax incentives like Section 179. When you’ve created a final list of equipment and the relevant equipment suppliers, then begin to look for financing companies that offer financing to companies like yours.


Making the Right Financial Partner Match

It can be hard to know which financial partner to trust. PEAC Solutions has a track record of providing financing to businesses of all sizes for decades. PEAC also offers a quick, 10-minute loan application that can be completed entirely online. When applying for financing with PEAC, you’ll know sooner if you’ve been approved, allowing you to get your equipment up and running — and making you money.

A smooth application and approval process isn’t PEAC’s only selling point. Our business advisors are best-in-class when it comes to customer service, too. We welcome the chance to talk about financing products with you so you can accomplish your dreams without putting your cash reserves at risk.

Ready to get the equipment you need using a strategy that’s built for almost any budget? Get in touch with or submit an equipment financing application to PEAC.


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