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PEAC Portal

our exclusive partner portal

When you partner with PEAC Solutions, the benefits don’t end at affordable financing solutions for your customers. We also provide tools like PEAC Portal to help you manage your application pipeline & customer portfolio.

Our partners use PEAC Portal anytime to check on the current status of a customer application or look up the history of a contract. Save time and skip the call to your PEAC Solutions sales rep — unless you just want to say, “hi!”

Get the information you’re looking for by yourself, on the spot, to save time for yourself AND your repeat customers. 

With PEAC Portal, you can quickly, easily log in to our secure platform and take care of business.

  • Check status of submitted applications
  • Receive notifications of approvals
  • Keep track of customers' contracts: payments, remaining term/balance, etc.

  • Automate reports and key metrics
  • Add your sales team as users and allow them to submit applications for instant decisions
  • Assign user roles and access levels across your team

the tool you’ll need to close those deals

PEAC Portal’s straightforward reporting capabilities make doing business with us even more convenient. High-volume dealers can rely on our quick, easy account management platform to monitor customer applications and accounts anytime, anywhere, directly in the portal.

So you can spend your time closing deals instead of waiting to hear back from a representative.


Digital platform allows you to login anywhere you have internet access.

24/7 Access

To approvals, reports, customer invoices and even buy-out details.

Metrics & Reporting

For portfolios, stats, and other data to help inform your sales strategies.

what some customers and partners are saying about PEAC Solutions

Rochelle Shotel
Rochelle Shotel
June 16, 2022.
Thank you…thank you so very much!! Renae was incredibly helpful with my reason for calling Marlin. She listened, empathized, and took her wealth of knowledge and resources within Marlin to help me take control of what I can with my accounts since dealing with the aftermath of what I experienced being hacked. Super great to work with her!
May 19, 2022.
Had a billing issue with Marlin regarding some equipment where the roots of the issue were identified, options discussed and processed, and resolved promptly and professionally all within a very short call. Their representative was empowered to actively resolve the issue. We received very good customer service!
Josie Weaver
Josie Weaver
May 4, 2022.
Renae did an excellent job of resolving my issue and setting up my new account. One of the best customer service experiences in recent memory. Congratulations on having such a good customer service representative.
Virginia Brayshaw
Virginia Brayshaw
April 13, 2022.
Marlin Capital Solutions has been a very positive experience for us. It has allowed us to expand our capabilities. Every interaction has been pleasant and successful. Today I worked with Lisa A. and was very pleased with her professional, helpful and pleasant demeanor. Lisa was able to accomplish what I needed in a short time and get me back on track. Thanks!
Thomas Stuckey
Thomas Stuckey
April 7, 2022.
This is the first time in a long time that I have seen someone go above and beyond to help me! Heros come in all forms and this time it came in the form of a customer service representative named Lisa Avellino! When there are difficult task that require someone to put in some extra effort to make sure you are taken care of, it shows that they really care about what they do! I really can't express the patients and professionalism that Lisa showed during the entire phone call! Even when she had to reach out to a manager to confirm what we were doing would benefit me in the best possible way! Big thanks to you Lisa, I really appreciated your kindness Thanks Thomas Stuckey Business owner
Jody Walters
Jody Walters
April 6, 2022.
Lisa Avellino did a fantastic job helping me through the new customer set-up in the online portal and getting our auto payments scheduled. Thank you! - Also appreciate talking to a person so quickly, not an automated call center!
Steve Mocco
Steve Mocco
March 3, 2022.
I called with some questions about my loan balance. Lisa Avellino helped me my inquiries without hesitation. She was courteous and professional. When I had the answers I needed, she made sure to let me know they we there if I needed anything else in the future. I had a great experience calling Marlin Capital Solutions. Thank you.
Tammy Cupp
Tammy Cupp
February 21, 2022.
I reached out to Marlin to set up online account access and spoke with Renae today. One of the best experiences I have had speaking with a customer service rep. Renae set up my account and then asked if i had time to walk through the process with her and she explained everything with great detail. Thank you Marlin for your kind, courteous Customer Service.