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How To Read Your Invoice

1. Lease Services Number
Use this number when registering for Lease Services. If zeros precede the number, do not enter for registration.

2. Invoice Number
For your records. When contacting our Customer Care Department, please have this number available.

3. Invoice Due Date
Date payment needs to be received by us.

4. Total Due
The total amount of your outstanding invoice.

5. Amount Paid
Please indicate the payment amount included with your remittance.

6. Remittance Address
Send your payment to this address with your remittance slip for proper credit to your account.

7. Payment Processing Information
Please remove check skirt and include remittance slip for faster processing.

8. Important Messages
Information you need to know about on this bill or upcoming opportunities.

9. Last Payment Received
Date of last payment received.

10. Contract Number
Your contract number. When contacting our Customer Care Department, please have this number available.

11. Description
Lists the equipment under contract and the charges on the invoice.

12. Electronic Transfer of Funds (EFT)
The requirements needed to ensure payments processed through your bank via online bill process are remitted via EFT.

13. Address Change
Mark this box if you change your address. Write the new address information on the form and include with your payment.

14. Contact Information
Customer Care Hours of Operation and Toll Free number, Customer Inquiry address, Remittance address and Online Inquiries address.

15. Information About the Charges that May Appear on Your Invoice
Detailed explanation of each charge:

  • Contract Payment
  • One-Time Documentation Fee
  • Insurance
  • Sales / Use Tax
  • Property Tax
  • Late Charge
  • Returned Check Fee
  • Convenience Fee
  • Payment Application

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