Staff Writer

The world has gone digital. PEAC Solutions has, too. Yet we think of the process differently from most companies. Instead of using online tools as a way to separate us from clients, we rely on them to enhance and enrich every interaction. Sometimes you just have to get things done — regardless of whether it’s during normal business hours.

For us, being people-driven is natural. The central goal of our team members is to be your points of contact through our dynamic support staff and in-house credit department. When you need advice, we’re available for one-on-one conversations.

Of course, sometimes you don’t need to talk to a live person. You just want to get a status update in real-time — anytime, anywhere — and that’s just what our digital tools allow you to do. At those moments, our self-service platform provides complementary online solutions that meet your needs and those of your customers.

Below are some of the digital options we provide to enhance our people-to-people services and processes:

Instant application decisions. 

Being able to offer your customers on-the-spot financing day or night through your company’s website makes sense.

When a customer wants to make a purchase, fa$tTrak is available 24/7, even at 4 a.m. if they so desire. This means your team can focus on closing more sales. Plus, you’ll be giving customers what they want: A quick, affordable option to obtain the solutions they need.

Reduced redundancies at important customer journey touchpoints.

At one time, the financial industry operated mostly manually. This led to service delays and tons of paperwork. Wherever and whenever possible, PEAC Solutions has transformed our processes and moved them online as a value-add for you. By restructuring our internal procedures, we’ve been able to concentrate more fully on delivering superior service.

Immediate access to all customer credit approvals, applications, and contracts.

You shouldn’t have to contact us to gather data pertaining to your company’s financing deals with customers. With PEAC Portal and fa$tTrak, you can log in to see valuable information and find out what’s happening. This enables you to more readily answer your own customers’ questions without having to wait to speak with a PEAC Solutions representative. By automating many of our internal procedures, we can process transactions much faster while having more time to do what we do best: delivering exceptional, streamlined service.

Real-time status updates on transactions.

Our transaction tracking link offers real-time status updates on your transactions. No password is required for these anytime, anywhere updates. With this feature, you can find out whether documents have been sent to the customer, whether the documents have come back, and whether funding has taken place.

Shorter decision time turnaround.

Customers want to hear a “yes” or “no” rapidly. PEAC Solutions makes that happen with quick turnaround augmented by speedy credit rating checks. We’re even able to offer same-day funding through our fa$tTrak system. Never underestimate how appreciative customers are when they can move through major buying stages within a day or two. Again, you won’t need to contact us to get feedback. Everything happens online and through secure, encrypted channels.

Available support for your customer base.

It’s tough to be the middleman, especially when it comes to discussing financing deals and solutions with your customers. Let our team of experts troubleshoot on your behalf. We always have someone ready to help, whether it’s answering questions about deals or offering to hold a user’s hand through the tech experience. That way, you can spend more time in your customer-facing and profit-building activities.

More than anything else, we want you to know that we’re still here, behind all our advanced technology. Yes, you can close deals fast and better manage your accounts solo if you like. But you can always connect with a friendly, knowledgeable person when you need some extra assistance or advice. In fact, we invite you to set up a complimentary business review with a PEAC Solutions representative right now.